Lisa King


My art is generally a result of pure enjoyment, and not usually done to make any sort of statement or to prove a point. It’s a product of my creativity flowing out, and purely must be done. I persistently look at the world creatively, as if I could use each facet of it in an artistic project. Put simply, I enjoy doing art in whatever form that strikes me at a given moment, whether it be drawing, painting, collage, creative writing, or playing my guitar. If my art brings a smile to the face of another person or touches them positively, this makes the expression all the more meaningful to me.

I have studied art with local artists Melanie Atkinson, Becky Barnett, Beth Messina, and Diane Norman, and the late Richard Gerald was my beloved art teacher at Forest Hill High School. All of these talented people have influenced me profoundly, and I am fortunate and grateful to have studied with each of them.

Along with well known artists such as Henri Rousseau and Van Gogh, my favorite artists are mostly Mississippi artists, including Walter Anderson, Wyatt Waters, and Jimmy Pitts. I have a love for many types of art, but there is a special place in my heart for outsider and folk art.

When I am working on a graphic design project, I enjoy the challenge of putting my creative skills to the test. It is satisfying for me to achieve a result that is just what the client is looking for, within the parameters specified, and delivered on time.

Being a member of the Vicksburg Art Association helps keep me active in the Mississippi art community. I also enjoy giving my art to local causes for the benefit of those in need. I do so with the hope that, in even some small way, my art may help make a difference in this world.